Sunday, December 16, 2007

**UPDATE** This Is Why I'm Seriously Considering Moving Back To L.A.!

this is what I walked up to-aye yi yi

broom standing upright in the snow-unassisted

Son, handling his biz (2nd pic)

Ok, after 2 back-to-back phone calls warning me about my car getting possibly stuck,
I decided to bite the cold bullet and take my butt outside and attempt to dig (at least partially) my behind out.
Reports have come in about people being killed in car

accidents & dying from heart attacks as a result of shoveling this heavy snow.
(other pics : my feet, snowdrift next to my car, right rearview of my car- look down at the trench!)


Therefore, I did what any self respecting parent would do--I TOOK MY KID WITH ME...that way we can die together!! LOL

Seriously though, my son is 16- and while some parents think that means their child is an indentured slave, I believe in riding and dying together.
We broomed(don't have a shovel living in an apt-I knew I should've kept 1!) and footed (used our feet to sweep away snow) together.
I have a Ford and it's front wheel drive, wouldn't you know it...the ONE TIME I didn't back in to my parking spot-I get a small wall of snow behind my rear tires!
Well, we cleared the snow and I jumped in my car, and SLOWLY backed out, making sure i didnt get stuck atop any snow drifts.

I drove forward and reverse several times, until I was satisfied with the path my tires created.
I then pulled out and backed into my parking spot-for ez exit in the morning.
Tonight, the temp will get down to 19degrees, which means rock salt will be necessary to roll over the sheet of ice that's coming tonight which means disaster during tomorrow's rush hour traffic.
It was afterwards, that I was reminded by mama of course, that I had AAA roadside assistance!

Well, it didn't kill me so I guess in some way, it'll make my son Tony and I stronger.

@Cop-I have NY in my prayers...thanks for keeping me in yours!

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