Saturday, December 15, 2007

When Missing Black People Get National Attention: It's Not What You Know...But Who You Know!

Oh, It's Like That?!
(flyer courtesy of Someone Is Missing)

When it was brought to my attention (in passing) that Karyn McConnell Hancock was a pregnant attorney, I just figured she was another white victim who was offed by her husband.
(Can I keep it real on my blog, please?)

However, when I found out she was a black woman (via the radio)-I had a fleeting suspicion. Why did I hear about this black woman who was missing via mainsteam media, but I didn't hear about any of the black college women who were MIA?

I hadn't post the story regarding Karyn the attorney, because it didn't move me to, I found myself disinterested. I figured hmmm...'hormones,' more or less.

But the question still gnawed at me...why?? why are we hearing about this black woman?

Well, after learning she recanted her story and is now being charged with making false alarms-I took the time out to familiarize myself with this story.

Looking at the key players:

  • Karyn McConnell Hancock-who has excelled (read, had a lot on her plate), including her own law firm, her whole life according to her bio at Final Harvest Church Karen's bio as 1st lady

  • Karyn's husband Bishop Lawrence Lavale Hancock-prominently known . Bishop Lawrence Hancock's bio

  • Judge C. Allen McConnell-currently, the only black judge serving in that capacity according to Toledo's Municipal Court's website: Toledo Municipal Court's Staff
Focusing solely on the fact that Karyn's disappearance was given nationwide coverage (not the lie she generated surrounding her disappearance), I'm lead to believe that Karen's disappearance was covered because of the family's prominence.

Attorney, Bishop & Judge.

So are we to presume and assume that unless a black woman is professional & connected...expect minimal media coverage in the case of one's disappearance??
That seems to be the case.

The Nailah Franklins and Latasha Normans of this world, and other african-americans who are/were missing and are mentioned in Deidra's blog
Black & Missing
-deserves the same courtesy.
Don't they?

Is it possible to cover EVERY black person-minority who disappears?
Of course not, but it must get better than this.

My heart breaks for these black women
-who truly were/are missing, and the only ones aware of their disappearance
are their families and surrounding cities/town.

Mocking a kidnapping
is not funny.
Innocent people could've gotten in trouble, pulled over, harassed, brought in for questioning--even with Karen's vague description.
It's happened, before.

I'm glad to know Karyn is truly safe, but just based on her bio at her church's website-Karyn needs to go on a sabbatical, for at least 3 years. I was exhausted just reading the bio. She has too much on her plate, and we all know you can't be everything to everyone.

To Karyn: stop being scared to say 'NO,' and seek psychiatric definitely need it-and we're all praying that God heals you where you hurt.

You Better Recognize-To thine ownself be true-and that'll negate the need to fabricate a cock-and-bull story.

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