Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cheryl Robinson, Author of "Sweet Georgia Brown" Is Coming to Our Town -YBR- Friday, February 1st!!

Meet Georgia Brown-a humble housewife determined to become a household name....
Sweet Georgia Brown
Cheryl Robinson
NAL/Penguin Group, January 2, 2008
$13.95 US; ISBN: 978-0-451-22228-2

After eleven years of marriage, Georgia Brown is fed up with her husband, Marvin, a popular radio personality. It's not just because she suspects he's having an affair, or because she's suddenly expected to raise his thirteen-year-old daughter, Chloe-whom she never even knew existed. It's because of the comments he makes about her weight, their marriage, and their sex life...on national radio!

Now, to save their marriage, Marvin invites Georgia to the station for an on-air rebuttal, having no idea it will launch her career. Or that what began as a battle at home will now be a blistering war for all to hear....

Last month, I was asked by The Grits
to be a part of a virtual book tour featuring Cheryl Robinson.
Of course I accepted.
Family, please join me as I discuss a facet of Cheryl Robinson's book, Sweet Georgia Brown
-right here at YBR on Friday, February 1st.
I will post another reminder on Thursday, January 31st.
On Friday, February 1st,
I will answer a question that was assigned to me,
and Cheryl will offer her insight.
Please make your presence known here at YBR :)
Book lovers if you're not alreay familiar, check out The Grits,
and add it to your blogroll!

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