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Golf World::DOLLARS trumps Truth-Everytime!

drumbeat to my sis Rosemarie of Miscellaneous Matters for this news.

I'm going to rustle some feathers, but ask me do I care? (Do I care??) NO.
Dave Seanor, editor of Golfweek, was dismissed for putting a noose on the cover of its Jan 19th issue. The noose had no racial intent and was used as an analogy in reference to Kelly Tilghnan's tacky remark, regarding Tiger Woods, and the Golf Channel's handling of the blurb.

Let me put it like this:
If Tiger forgave that child, what's the big friggin' deal? I do not have it in me to GET BLOODY MAD at every offensive and racially (intended or not) statement or action. Because if I did, I'd be picketing, boycotting,striking and having sit-ins against my own race, ok?

The cover is purple in background, and Seanor makes reference to the Noose and how it is 'slipped' (Tilghman's statement).
He simply flipped the script on Tilghman, and the Golf Channel in light of Tilghman's error.

Unfortunately in the corporate world when there's a backlash (or controversy), the first head to roll is the one in a dispensable leadership position (see Detroit Lions).

The parent company of, Turnstile Publishing issued this statement:

"We apologize for creating this graphic cover that received extreme negative reaction from consumers, subscribers and advertisers across the country," ... "We were trying to convey the controversial issue with a strong and provocative graphic image. It is now obvious that the overall reaction to our cover deeply offended many people. For that, we are deeply apologetic.

In my opinion the cover is not offensive, it's shocking. It's time we stop sweeping uncomfortable subjects under the carpet. It's time address America's ugliness and stop firing the people who, in sincerity, are bringing to light (not making light) of America's ugly secret.

This is what I don't understand:
  • Tilghman who offended a race by her soooo not funny remark, said Tiger W should be taken to an alley and lynched, received a 2-week paid vacation.
  • Seanor, who offended (and Tilghman, who's not powerful...or is she) by putting a noose on the cover of Golfweek and calling Tilghman and Golf Channel on carpet was FIRED.
  • In corporate America (I am employed in Corporate America), you are to carry out assigned tasks, and NOT make the 'good ole boys' nervous. Seanor should've taken this position eventhough HE WAS NOT WRONG- ...but shouldn't Tilghman have taken the same position? Also, consider the intent. My co-worker who's white, said out of all the things Kelly could've said...why would she refer to lynching-in reference to Tiger (who's black)? why not say they could take him to a remote island, or drop him off on a deserted hwy? Tilghman knows the right people, Seanor doesn't.
  • Why didn't he get a 2-wk vacation?
  • Why didn't Tilghman get fired?
  • Which action was more offensive?
  • The answer? Seanor's. In corporate America-faux pas, snafus, errors, controversy, going-against-the-grain, can translate into advertisers pulling their financial support from Golfweek and they can't have that.
  • Yes black people were offended, but there's not enough black people involved in the world of golf, that would cause Golf Week or to take notice or care about Tilghman's stupid remark. Their financial contribution isn't enough to rock the Golf world's boat.
  • Sorry this happened to you, Seanor. I'm hoping the next venture you undertake is one that'll trust your judgment and stand by you during stormy times...maybe it's time to become an entrepreneur. :)
Dave Seanor is interviewed by Yahoo! Sports after his dismissal. His thoughts on his firing
Seanor, takes the high road even in the interview...good for him!

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