Friday, March 21, 2008

MonkeyNoodleDoodleUgly+Hotmess*Ridiculousness/Ludicrousness+Extra Crispy=Don Juan

How Can a Hotmess SAVE Hotmess??

Just when you think the ridiculous and the sublime has run its course-enter Don "Witch doctor of Magic" Juan (DJ).
This male form who exists in utter denial has employed another marketing strategy (I'm guessing his outfits which screams "I WAS DENIED ATTENTION IN MY YOUTH SO THEREFORE I HAVE LOW SELF ESTEEM PLEASE LOOK AT ME" and riding Snoop's coat tails as a hanger-on are proving to be a bit tedious now) in order to stay relevant. This person has paid a webmaster to create a site dedicated to helping Britney Spears.


How noble.

Britney Spears has more people praying that her brain cells begin to regenerate pronto, than D.J's swarovski crystal covered goblet.

He could care less about Britney Spears.

Because if he truly cared, how about reaching further INTO YOUR PAST DJ...and creating websites and attempting to help those females you turned out onto the streets?!
How many websites have you created in order to help those women? Where are those women who were a part of your stable, freezing their behinds off walking the stroll, risking their lives flatbacking for a couple of dollars to relinquish to you, while u had your greasy, crispy hands wrapped around a steering wheel in a warm car???

I chalk his desperate antic up as another opportunist attempting to garner attention at the expense of Britney Spears.
The child is a nutcase and I feel sorry for I do for anyone struggling to make it through the day-but shoot Britney caused some of her own mess.
Why she chose drugs to beyond me.
And the 'razzi sure didn't help-criticizing everything she did when she had SP.
Be that as it may...the only people that girl needs is JESUS, the judge/lawyer and her parents.

The witch doctor that is DJ, needs to go take a bath complete with a flea dip. He looks as shady as he is dirty.
For more info on this dirtball's website go here.
I REFUSE to give him ONE HIT on that website.
I hope you all agree w/me.

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