Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reservation at Promises Rehab...STAT!!

Garrrryyyyyy...what is wrong with you?????

I know black hollywood is whispering something terrible!
Oh my goodness, this man has made Amy Winehouse look like a Girl Scout!!

Pretty-eyed Gary Dourdan who plays Warrick Brown on CSI (and as 'Shazza' on hit show 'Different World')was arrested Monday (4.28.08) at 5:12am on drug possession charges.

Gary was SERIOUSLY trying to quiet the voices in his head...he was caught with:
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Ecstasy AND
  • Prescription Drugs.
He'll be fine as long as he enters rehab quickly and keeps Dr. Phil's lecherous behind at bay.

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Staying on the show isn't a concern seeing as how he informed the producers he would not be renewing his contract.
I'm sure he was under the influence when he advised them, and when he sobers up he'll go back crawling and begging for his job back!
Ain't he heard WE'Z IN A RECESSION?!
What's wrong with you, Gary??
Oh. Nevermind.

Gary...fight those inner demons-drugs are not the answer!
Thoughts and prayers are with u and your family.

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