Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Nippy" Don't Worry About Jet/'s not as if they're Essence Magazine!!

I'm kind of a Whitney Houston fan...but then again i'm not.
I became a fan of her later work...the more R & B sounding music she came out with b4 her hiatus.,0.jpg

I had a love/hate relationship with her..she just didn't know
It started when she had Bobbi Kristina and B.K.'s hair was looking like who did it, why and what for-while "Nippy" (aka Whitney) was looking fierce.
We won't talk about her marriage.

Anywhoooo...i just read an interesting article regarding Whitney's lackluster performance in Tobago by Ebony/
While they (Ebony/Jet) did say she looked great, in a form-fitting white gown, they also said she missed all of the notes on "I'll Always Love You," and her voice cracked on the very songs that made her famous.

Poor Whit.

Shoot girl-don't worry, I can't sing the way I used to be able to in my 20's.
I mean after hollering at my kids, and crying when they're were colicky, and going off on baby daddy (not to mention smoking yada, yada, yada).. u can imagine the damage to my vocal

Anyhooo...Whitney it's all good.
God can repair those vocal cords, but you should always have a plan 'B, C, D ...'

Don't give up your dream, Whitney.

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