Saturday, May 03, 2008

Barbara Wa-Wa Confessed She Got Her Swirl On...

I admit it...this totally surprised me!

Ms. Barbara "I keeps it real, while keeping it cool" Walters, admitted during a taping of an Oprah Winfrey Show episode-that she got her interracial swirl on with a black senator, Edward Brooke, back in the '70's.

**ok, i just saw the senator's pic...he could definitely pass for i can see why she went there-seriously**

Brooke then:

Senator Edward Brooke

Brooke now:
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Babs reluctantly ended the affair after a friend urged her to, and said it would destroy her career. What's a non-black woman to do in those times? End the affair.
He definitely was a looker...girlfriend had great taste.
So far there's no word from Brooke's camp...but really-what is there to say almost 40yrs later??
let sleeping dogs, and affairs lay.

I just don't like when people 'air their dirty panties' as a promotional tool.
Babs has a book coming out, called "Audition" and I guess she decided to throw everyone a bone so we can get the book. I'm not an autobiography book fan, but I might check it out at the library...only bcuz i know soooo little about Babs.

Are YOU going to read the book??

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