Saturday, May 03, 2008

58% (Accdg To Stats) Black Children Can't Swim...

We're drowning, family (literally)...

Wowww...according to USA Swimming
black children are 3x's as likely to drown versus white children.

This is sad and disheartening, but I guess it's not surprising.

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Scene from movie, "Pride"
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Uh-Uh, I ain't never seen a black baby do this!! (below)

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I am aware of suburban schools having clean, working swimming pools, and swimming classes-however, it's not always the same for inner city schools.

Lack of equipment, curriculum and qualified teachers are major reasons as to why such education are not implemented in urban schools.

We as black parents must accept blame as well.
We (myself included) have bought into the hype regarding the adverse effects of our going swimming.
No- not drowning.
Something more serious,deadly and most likely to happen b4 drowing(at least to black folks)...


*sorry Buckwheat*
It's the truth.

My whole life I've heard of folks not swimming due to us not wanting to mess up our hair (do u know how long IT TAKES to do our hair?? hours.)...and not wanting to get ashy. It's harrrrd getting rid of ashy skin, when ur skin is already dry to begin with. Add chlorinated h20 to the mix and it's a wrap!

This is not to say there are no black people who swim.
There are some of us who are as natural a swimmer as fish.
My dad is one of those people.
My mama wouldn't be caught dead in the water.
My children...I should've named my daughter 'Ariel'(of Walt Disney's "Little Mermaid" movie) the way she loves water, and my son is a swimmer too.
I'm not.
I think another issue is-swim wear.
Now, I know that shouldn't stop me from getting my swim on, but it does.
I'm a big girl, and on top of that-I'm a big african american girl-I just can't wear I don't wear anything-I don't get in the water.

Now, does any of this excuse the fact that our babies are drowning?
of course not.
but these are some of the reasons as to why we are lagging.
In a heartbeat, I'd risk ash and a nappy head anyday if it meant saving my kids or another child...or anyone that's drowning for that matter.

We need to teach our kids to swim.
It literally is a matter of life...or death.


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