Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Out Of The Mouth of Babes...

She has no idea how many lives she's changed...

All I have to say is...GOD IS GOOD!
He imparted courage into a 16yr old mother (who is pregnant for the 2nd time in a year) known as "Sarah", who dropped a dime-never mind the daytime minutes ok- and made a way of escape for not only herself, but hundreds of others.

I cannot imagine,nor would I even insult those who have actually lived that lifestyle by attempting to fathom a thought as to what these people actually endured.
My gawd.
To steal children's innocence.
To lie and manipulate the weak.
To set oneself as a pedestal and portray yourself as God.
And to believe your own hype and think your reign would endure forever.

An affidavit says "Sarah," 16, said Dale Evans Barlow, shown in 2005, beat her and forced her to have sex.

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I hope this young lady (in her own time), reveals herself, sings like a bird, write a kajillion books, come out with a radio talk show, and establish a haven for girls who've endured the same hell as she.

Thank GOD for her bravery, and it is my prayer that God heals her, and teaches her the definition of true unconditional love, and shows her how to trust again in humanity.


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