Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Celebrities , Court & the Law...

Remy Ma got 8 years to get over her jailhouse blues...

R. Kelly's trial may be tried by a majority of non-blacks...I bet he's PISSY!

Isaiah Washington says "how y'all gone fire me, and then have the nerve to use my image??!* suing Grey's Anatomy...I know that's right!
*j/k uhhhhh...he didn't say that exactly...
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Kim Porter will probably be taking Diddy (he is truly an idiot) to court after seeing these pics.

Barry Bonds and perjury charges going together like PB&J

Ice Cube's song "Jackin' for Beats" headed to court

Athlete Jayson Williams trial may include racial slurs

Biggie's family CAN sue Los Angeles

God was on Foxy Brown's side

Wesley "I Ain't Got To Pay Taxes" Snipes
wants freedom during appeal

"Pretty Eyes" Dourdan
charge w/3 felonies...what a shame
(Unknown rapper -to me) Uncle Murda busted w/fake id...sigh

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