Thursday, May 08, 2008

Please Read/Comment "Is Anything Serious: My Logic To Life"


Today, I'm going to post about a young man who's made an impact for the positive in my life. He's never met me, doesn't know my name. But I'll always be indebted to him for speaking what God has put in his heart.

You know how it is, you're blessed with health, a roof over your head, friends, kids not in jail, 2 good hair-days in a row...and yet you're still complaining??
Don't even try it! I know I'm not the only one! lol

Well, while yakking w/ my co-worker in her cubicle I noticed a poem that was posted on her wall.
I read it.
And was instantly convicted.


I'm Sorry Cartoon
PHOTO: source

Stunned that these words resonated so deeply within, I asked if I could copy this poem. She said of course. I then inquired of the author, and learned it was our other co-worker's son.
This young man is 19!
So without further ado, I'm going to post this poem...and I hope his simple logic touches you, just as it has me.
IMHO, I believe he should have called it, "a big ta-do about NOTHIN!!" lol

Is Anything Serious: My Logic To Life

Leering over my glasses, I look
Wow, you're angry and that's all it took?
Man I don't know why you take this stuff to heart
Me? I prefer to look at it as art.
See, some art you can understand at a glance
And some is as complex as learning a Mongolian dance.
Now, with things I don't understand...I don't fret.
And if you do, you'll just end up a wreck.
This thing called life, now here's a fact:
You only got ONE, now how 'bout that?
Most issues in life don't call for tears
Nor screamin' or hollerin,' not even childish fears.
Worries and worries will make you sick.
And with just one life, now who can risk?
The next time you find yourself riled up remember this:
Sit back and shake off your deliriousness
And ask yourself: Is ANY of this serious??
4.22.08 (4:28.m.)

Now that Charlie has cracked my face 6x's, I am not only more careful about my ingratitude, but I'm also proud of him for sharing his gift with the world, eventhough he's a young, black, male, (from) Detroit.
I don't care what the statistics say about Detroit...there's greatness awaiting discovery there!

Charlie's proof that you can- in your youth keep it real without vulgarity, profanity, video hoes, athletic scholarship, spinning rims, bling-bling, a spot on MTV Cribs, and yet STILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!


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