Thursday, May 22, 2008

R. Kelly's Trial Update...

Having viewed the infamous pedophiliac pissy video featuring R. Kelly 6 yrs ago myself, i am EXTREMELY satisfied this trial is FINALLY UNDERWAY.

Let me say this:
  • There is NO WAY Kelly could NOT have known this girl was a child. She was not one of these 'milk-does-a-body-good' young teenagers we're used to seeing prancing around our neighborhoods. This girl (and I do NOT say 'girl' loosely) was OBVIOUSLY young.
  • Also...R. Kelly was blatant in many of the video scenes. This was not someone who 'looked like' was him. He even walked up to the front of the video camera and adjusted it. IT WAS HIM.
I don't know how this fiasco will end...but I hope JUSTICE is served. Ignorant pedophiliac men have followed R. Kelly's example and have openly PREYED ON CHILDREN...thinking it's cute. Women are taking up for this man. How IGNORANT can our community be??????
Unfortunately take for him to throw a couple of dollars in some people's daughters' faces, piss AND screw them...and capture it on video...before there's a TRUE public outcry.

Ok...enough of that...onto the update:
A childhood friend of the young lady in the video positively ID'd "Pisspot" as being featured in that video. Simha Jamison, the witness who finga'd Pisspot, is no joke. Even under heavy cross examination...girlfriend held her own.

That's not all.
Why did the bootleg court cartoonist, get fired from the case?!
OMG...i'm wonderin' if she was one of us!
Anyhooo..she was told NOT TO DRAW the jurors face.
(sketch is not from Pisspot's case)
Just draw an oval shape, throw some hair on their heads and call it a day?
Well she drew faces and thought she'd snazz it up and add features.
Look! This is not an art exhibit ok?
Now she's in the unemployment we needed ONE MORE PERSON THERE.
I'm done venting.

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