Thursday, May 22, 2008

When You Can Do Better By Yourself...

I just want to give Star Jones, a lifetime member of WWC (Women With Curves) some props.
This chile has had more face time in front of the camera after cutting off the dead weight (Al, not the fat) than when they were truly stuntin' and frontin'.
She's had a busy 12 mos:
  • She cracks Barbra Wawa's face when she exited the View.

  • Her court show was cancelled.

  • She checks Barbra Wawa again for Barbra attempting to use her disagreement with Star, and her affair with a black politician a kazillion years ago in order to pimp her book.

  • And cuts loose that bloodsucker of a husband.

Tell me....doesn't Star look BETTER eventhough she's been through some drama in the past 9 mos??
Judge for yourself:
Star Jones + Denise Rich

Star Jones


I wonder how much her bag o' hair costs???

Star Jones
More pics here

Here's Star moderating cable's "Bad Girls' Reunion" ...keep hope alive Star, as you continue to seek other means of employment!

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