Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boo, You Ain't Slash! What's Wrong With You?!

Now I have heard it all.

HOW in the world...smh
How in the world can you lose your toe, while playing AIR GUITAR?!

The fact that there's an Air Guitar Competition at all gives me a brain cramp, but realizing Taryn Kapronica lost her toe in said competition in Brooklyn (NY) boggles my grey matter!

(Yes-this is a girl-look closely, lol!)

DelMundo for News

Plucky Taryn Kapronica, demonstrating winning air guitar style, doesn't plan to let toe amputation slow her down at championships.

Needless to say-she won the competition-hell-I'd hope she win after all of that!!!

Hold on-

let me go read this article and see what she won in exchange for her toe sacrifice...brb
Ok-she advances to the big air guitar competition on Aug. 8th in San Francisco.

What was Taryn pretending to play when she destroyed her toe?

Scorpion's 'Rock You Like A Hurricane'

I love that song!

...here i am...rock you like a hurricane...

here I am...rock you like a hurrricaaannnnnnnnnne...


After some serious ruminatin', memories came floodin' back to me about how I got my 'air guitar on' whenever I heard Prince's Let's Go Crazy, and Purple Rain! I never incurred serious personal injury from said rockin' out, tho'


Forgive me y'all for tryin' to ack all brand new and stuff!


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And on that note...

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