Friday, August 01, 2008

Jesus...I'm Comin Home To Be With U Lord!!

I'm ready for Jesus Christ to come and swoop me up. After reading the news online, it's hard to imagine the world getting in any worse of a state than the present. With gas prices, high rate of unemployment, foreclosures, school closings, youth beating up innocent citizens, parents killing their children, husbands killing their pregnant wives...I'm just wondering what is taking my Lord so long to come back??? The two following stories almost took me over the edge...I'll include a succinct synopsis and u can click the link for the stories. SMH

Preacher killed wife, stuffed body in freezer, police say

Anthony Hopkins appeared in court Thursday to face murder, rape and incest charges.
Anthony Hopkins appeared in court Thursday to face murder, rape and incest charges.

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I can pretty much guarantee this story will be either on Lifetime or HBO. I KNOW some aggressively hopeful author has already finished the manuscript to this story, so a 'real crime' novel can be publi
shed! Briefly, a small town preacher was raping his daughter since age 11. Wife confronted him, he killed her, daughter helped put her in freezer in 2004. Daughter left a couple of weeks ago and told. He was found ministering on forgiveness. The courteous officers waited til the end of the sermon before arresting him for the murder of his wife. See-not all police officers are callous and heartless. Read the tragic story here.

**Please do not use the above story to justify why u don't go to church. This has nothing to do with church-it has to do with a sickened selfish and cruel human who terrorized his home and was a minister.

Decapitation suspect appears in court

***Update: here's the video that includes account from witnesses, the suspect in court, and pic of the victim***
**contains graphic description-caution**

This one...smh...this one is soooo weird. A passenger on a greyhound in Winnipeg CA was stabbed to death while he was sleeping. The passenger was 22 y/o, and the killer..(i ain't allegin' NOTHING) continually stabbed the young while passengers were on the bus. Since he had more energy to expend and grew bored with stabbing (i added that in) the victim, he proceeded to CUT HIS HEAD OFF, walked to the front of the bus with the head, held it up for all (outside of the bus to see), dropped the head, went back to the body, eviscerated (gutted) him and proceeded to EAT THIS BABY'S FLESH-with what looked like a butcher knife. What in goodness' name is going on????? The lunatic is 40 yrs old. U have to read it to believe it, click here

**OK THIS JUST IN another dismemberment. I wish I could move to the moon, I swear.

Man accused of decapitating British girlfriend

Police released this photo of Cara Marie Burke with Mohamed D'Ali Carvalho.

Police released this photo of Cara Marie Burke with Mohamed D'Ali Carvalho.

WTH?? A 17 y/o young lady was killed at the hands of her bf (surprise surprise). What's shocking is her 20y/o bf (pic'd abv). When Cara threatened to tell her bf's parents that he sold dope, and may even call the police-he stabbed her to death, went to a party, dismembered her the next day. Oh btw he took pics of her DISMEMBERED body with his CELL PHONE.

Read this incredible story here.

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