Saturday, July 19, 2008

Desperate Dumb Criminals...

I got this story from Crunk & Disorderly, and decided to a little more research.

Since i can't STAND the BET channel, I've decided to extol a 'you're-just-as-bootleg-as-BET-ain't-u-got-no-shame?' Award
upon Keison Wilkins.

Who's Keison Wilkins, you ask??

Keison Wilkins is,
"...a 33 year old man on trial for various charges including felonious assault, felon in possession of a weapon and firing a gun into a habitation was sentenced to 42 years in jail."
"...who was previously convicted in the case, won an appeal when a judge threw out the ruling, citing an inadequate defense. The case was retried last month, however this time, Wilkins insisted on representing himself." source

Since acting a donkey, by shouting out retarded statements about lynchings etc didn't work, Keison decided to go out like Fred Sanford and fake the Big One.
the problem?
His judge Katherine Huffman, wasn't having it.
She even puts him on blast (after he's been checked out and cleared) by saying
"Mr. Wilkins is acting like he's asleep..."
Needless to say, his acting skills (like BET) leaves a lot to be desired.

His sentence?
42 years.

Next time he oughta try an interpretive, lyrical dance.

Check out the video for yourself, it's ridiculous!

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