Friday, July 18, 2008

Messy Jesse...Shall We Kiss U or Curse U??

I'm not sure if Messy Jesse Jackson has done us (America) a total disservice by once again proving his ignorance, now it's been leaked that Jesse used the N-word off air. who in the world is surprised at that?! Do u HONESTLY believed Jesse never let the nigga word pass out of his two piece of flesh called lips?
Jesse looks like he would cuss u out up one side and down the other...and I'm sure nigga was probably the word that was most easiest on the ear when he cussed u out!
a funeral for the n-word???
It was called A PHOTO OP!!
nigga please!
*any likenesses or similarities (in the above pic) to you know who is purely coincidental.*
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Once again we are dialoguing (for the umpteenth time) about the use of the N-word.
U may know it as Nigger, Nigga, Nicca etc
To use it, or not to use it?
When to use it?
Who can use it?

I'll admit it, I have as of lately used the term nigga (after being staunchly opposed to its use) as a way of venting my frustrations on STOOPID people.
I guess I could call people a muthapucka...but for some reason NIGGA has proved to be fitting.
In many cases.

Please let the record show, i'm an equal-opportunity-labeler.
If a person's actions, reaction etc has caused me to create a facial expression that results in expressing my absolutely incredulistic shock at their STUPIDITY...then yes I would've most likely referred to u as a 'nigga.'

Case in point:
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Walt Pavlo (white) was a corporate manager working for MCI who stole MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from customers. He stole $6 MILLION dollars...and basically got his belly rubbed by the courts of America. This man served 41mos at Club Fed.

Why was I tripping?

I watched this astard-bay SMUGLY relay how he stole from under his bosses' noses cuz they did not have internal controls in place.
but what puckered my butt... is KNOWING this man is pulling in a cool 6-DIGIT figure on the speaking engagement circuit.
How in the hell can this nigga brag about stealing millions, get 41 mos of incarceration, and then come out with a 6-friggin figure income. When u look at the video...he's bragging about this b.s. in front of impressionable YOUNG people who are goin to come away thinking 'so what if i get caught? i'll do 4 yrs in a country club. No biggie.'

Andy Dick.

This man's name is synonymous with the phrase: "Aww hell. What has he done now?"
Apparently his job offers has substantially declined ( or he's a victim or a re-org) and as a way to wittle away his free time, he thought it would be funny to PULL DOWN a 17-yr old girl's shirt/bra and EXPOSE HER TIGGLE BITTIES (BREASTS) IN PUBLIC...NIGGA HAVE U LOST UR MIND??? What is wrong with you????

And to be fair, let's talk about a nigga that is as stupid as Messy Jackson, the mayor of Detroit and his family-
Kwame Kilpatrick

Detroit will NEVER be able to escape the dark cloud that continually hover aboves with the likes of Kwame Kilpatrick and Detroit City Council. Those niggas be foolin!

(an example of Detroit City Council...this is a sedated edition)

I wouuullld have to live in will we ever live this mess down?
I lived in Detroit and 1 of the 2 times he was elected, I casted a vote in favor of this hot mess.
Nigga to the 'mpth degree

Another example of niggas, are these ignorant fools who participate and run a blog called Detroit is Crap
Detroit News for WHITES
Nig-gas please.

Get a life.
These niggas (white) know they need to find something better to do then dedicate a website to trash. The only thing worse than trash run by trash is mo' trash responding to said trash. But then again trash rolls with trash.
These niggas are hilarious!
How many of these niggas actually live in Detroit?
How many of these niggas are even attempting to BETTER Detroit?!
So while I now admit i have used the N-word more often than not as of late, I don't use the term loosely (not justifying, just keepin' it real).
I use in the way my blog twin, One Man does: To highlight, talk about, express anger and rage towards STUPIDITY!

I won't apologize for it either.
Also, I don't engage EVERYONE in those types of conversations. I don't mean that I don't keep white people out of it...i know some ignant people IN MY COMMUNITY, that I wouldn't discuss nigga-dom with.

Check out the video below:
It's the women (primarily Woopi & Elizabeth) of The View discussing the use of N-Word.
Both women make valid points.

I encourage your comments-and as for the trash that will come from Detroit is Crap attempting to bring trouble (that is what niggas do, afterall)??
if you niggas even THINK about comin' over starting trouble, u'll get ur feelings hurt.
Consider it your 1st and final warning.

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