Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Different Direction...

My daughter who's 20, has expressed her desire to get her own place.

Isn't it funny how you wait your whole life to hear those words fall out of your kid(s) mouth, and then when it's said u look at ur kid and say, "what's wrong with living here?!

Actually, I didn't ask her that-cuz I know she'd only be too quick to tell me! lol

So now that I've allowed her news to digest...I'm thinking about the things she will need.

She doesn't know, but I'm going to start building up her 'treasure chest.'  I'm going to start buying things here and there so when she gets her place the little things won't be a concern for her.  

I'm going to buy her a dish set...u know the service that comes in a box for four (or however many), silverware (i had no dishes, eatin utensils etc lol), microwave, her cleaning supplies (things I didn't think of when I first moved out), linens, a toolkitbox.  

The first apartment is kind of iffy-they may like it, or it may prove to be traumatizing and they end up coming back home.

Just incase she comes back home, I've decided NOT to go all out and spend crazy money on things she may bring back to my house-if it doesn't work out lol

As for her furniture- we'll probably go shopping at a discount furniture store, hey-u gotta crawl before you walk, honey!!

I moved with a bed, my and my daughter's clothes and a bed.

No, I'm not joking.

Do u see all of the stuff I had to buy??

I'm just trying to provide a foundation for my mini-me.


She wants to live on her own.

It's time my little bird leap off the branch and fly!

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And on that note...

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