Thursday, October 09, 2008

U.S. Debt Clock Runs Out of Numbers...Literally

Good Ole U.S. of A

The news just keeps a comin', smh

national debt clock
As a short-term fix, the digital dollar sign on the billboard-style clock near Times Square has been switched to a figure -- the "1" in $10 trillion. It is currently saying our  national debt is at $10.2 TRILLION.

*blank stare, turnin red*


lol, but Iraq has $79 BILLION IN SURPLUS???

Can we bring someone from over there to help us with our obvious money management issues??? lol

Good news though:

When the clock is updated next year, two digit slots will be added-that way it can accommodate QUADRILLIONS of dollars!!!! source


Don't fix the debt-FIX THE DEBT CLOCK!! 


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And on that note...

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