Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Gals On The View, and Their Opposing Views...(VIDEO)

Ok, Elisabeth Hasselheffa has gnawed on my LAST friggin nerve.

Yes, I too am a conservative (and what???) but dang, be open to listening to other people's views.  In the case of this election, while I was briefly beguiled by Palin's updo and eyewear, I confess...the novelty is now over.  I admit it- I'm  a 'publican who's voting for Obama, however if Mickey Mouse or Daisy Duck is on the ticket-HANDS DOWN they have my vote.

ok back to Hasselheffa..sigh

So anyway, the video starts off with Barbra Walters expressing her frustrating at the turn this election has taken, what with all the accusations, yada yada yada. She then goes on to say she didn't want to repeat some crap she heard yesterday about Obama, and then Elisabeth with her IGNORANT self  says...'what did u hear?'

Hasselheffa?! didn't she say she didn't want to repeat it???

Ok, so the hens are cluckin' around the table, yada yada,

The hens get to clucking and expound on the false accusations  and WaWa's tired of the mudslinging (me too, WaWa)

And then Elisabeth wants to pour lighter fluid over a flame and talk about Bill Ayers and Obama

*blank stare*

She knows she's an idiot.

WaWa makes it a point to say, Barack was EIGHT YRS OLD when Ayers was doin his thang (y'all know I'm paraphrasing)...Hasselbeck didn't care.

But boy did she care when Sherri started talking  about McCain leaving his wife and being in an affair!!! lol

Elisabeth went straight up on the defense (shocker)

 At that point, not wanting to hear it-Elisabeth condescendingly says,'relax, relax, relax, relax'

I was hoping Sherri would prove me wrong  and show me she had a brain!! She did!!

U know what happened next.

All five of they arses started talking at once.


That's why I don't watch the show. *shakin my head*

Ye gads, when is Hasselbeck going to Fox TV, already????

Check it out for yourself-GO SHERRI!

The only reason people even check out the View is to see who's beefing with Hasselheffa now.

Hey WaWa may want to think about that:  If Hasselheffa leaves, then so does the ratings.


check out Bria's Own Words

And on that note...

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