Friday, October 10, 2008

On The Lighter Side Of Life...

Ok. I'm thinking about this snow that'll be here before I know it.

I'm also thinking about the sun and the beach...and where I want to go. My online book club, the Colored Girls are goin to get together next year and we will BREATHE AND EXHALE, not Waiting to Exhale.

I'm getting older and I'm not trying to prove anythin to anyone at my job. I want to relax and chill. I want to 'go on holiday' like our neighbors across the waters in Europe do.

While I may not goooo across the waters to holiday, I do plan on GOING to some water. My co-worker (who's white) and I bring that up for a reason....KNOWS HOW TO HOLIDAY!

Black folks do ez stuff...we might do an all inclusive, we might go to Vegas, but my co-worker when she vacays...they (her and her sisters/in-laws) go to different towns and rent condos.

I would like to do that father he has a time share, but I don't want a time share. I've wondered what it's like to hang out in North Cackalacky with a BUNCH of friends at the Outer Banks chilling on the beach, enjoying 9/10/11 bedroom cribs!

Outer Banks, below

Or renting a mansion in Malibu for a week or two.

I know it's expensive, and??

I'm ready to shake things up in my life!

Like L'oreal

(not the part of L'oreal that likes to lighten up black people and change their facial feature)

I'm worth it!

Maybe my blogfamily and I can get together and meet out there.

It's a try!

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And on that note...

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