Friday, October 03, 2008

Obama T-Shirt Gets MI Reporter Fired from WWJ-AM after 13 yrs of employment...smh

Local Reporter, Karen Dinkins fired by WWJ-AM (MI radio station) for wearing Barack Obama T-shirt to work

It is understood that a news reporter must be an impartial in political, religious etc views.

I still can't understand why an employee who worked for a company 13 yrs, received the harshest punishment possible for simply wearing an Obama t-shirt. I can see if Karen set the American flag on fire, got on stage with Obama and politicked with him, disparaged McCain etc...she had not.

Karen Dinkins was covering an Obama rally in Detroit this past Sunday 09. 28.08, and wore an Obama t-shirt while there

(such as the one below-not sure which T-shirt she wore).

Karen's infraction was simply wearing the t-shirt.

Today on a different radio station, the on-air personality said Karen should've received 'a stern talking to' but not get fired. He then followed that statement by saying and I'm paraphrasing-CBS Radio used Karen's infraction as an excuse to fire her due to budget cuts around CBS Radio.

Is there truth to that conspiracy theory??

who knows.

What we do know is Karen herself, is surprised at the reaction her firing by WWJ-AM has caused. It is also on record that WWJ-AM has received calls from upset listeners regardin Karen's firing.

This matter is now in the hands of her union so I'm hoping this will be resolved in a way that is satisfactory to Karen Dinkins.


*What Would Obama Do?

Karen Dinkins (sunglasses on her head) on a past assignment.

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