Saturday, October 04, 2008

OJ: Jury Wasn't Making The Same Mistake Twice


Says Las Vegas Jury

of all 12 counts in armed robbery case


The jury reached the verdict 13 years to the day after O.J. Simpson was acquitted of two murders.

The jury reached the verdict 13 years to the day O.J. Simpson was acquitted of two murder

Jurors found Clarence "C.J." Stewart, Simpson's co-defendant, guilty on all charges.

OJ's co-defendant, Clarence CJ Stewart's a goner too. GUILTY on all counts

It's possible OJ could spend the rest of his life in bars based on the convictions.

After the verdict was read, OJ's sister Carmelita Durio collapsed.

He'll be sentenced Dec. 5th.

Well, I know this...Cali may have let me him go free 13 yrs ago...but that ain't about to happen in Nevada...he will do some SERIOUS time in lockup. Those are felonies...*whistling*

This was a ghetto trial, based on what I read at CNN.

It just sounded like a who's who of gangstas.

.  Out of all the participants who were a part of the robbery, look at the people WHO didn't do time-and the role they played in the robbery.

Something's not right...don't get me wrong-OJ should pay for role...but so should other key players.  

What goes around...

Oh there were NO black people on the jury.  I have to agree with commenter Jane Doe-black jurors do not want to go against their own in court. Perhaps that's why there were no black jurors?? it's a thought.

In the end, didn't nobody MAKE old azz OJ bumrush anybody.  He thought he was above the law.  But according to Las Vegas-he ain't!  I guess Vegas shouldn't be called 'sin city ' anymore, cuz OJ's sin was unacceptable.

To OJ:  Happy traiiiillllls to youuuuu...


Don't do the crime if you can't do the...

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And on that note...

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