Monday, October 06, 2008

Serial Killer In The Making...

 There is a modern day Damien (spawn of the devil movie) residing in the land down under.

image source

A SEVEN YEAR OLD BOY, broke into an Australian zoo, the Alice Springs Reptile Center, and fed/led a turtle, (4) western blue tongue lizards, (2) bearded dragons, (2) thorny DEVIL (mmm hmm, I bet) lizards, and a 5.9ft Spencer's Goanna into the mouth of a 440lb crocodile named, Terry.

The little he-devil is on camera smiling while he beats to death the horny devils, and a small blue tongue.  He went on a nut for 30 minutes during breakfast.

Unfortunately, because 'Damien' is under 10, he can't be held accountable. (Ha!)  In light of that fact, his parents (who were to be responsible for him) may be sued instead. source

That he-devil wouldn't be coming home with me..uh-uh no way.

Photos of 'Damien' after he broke into zoo, here.

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And on that note...

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