Sunday, December 14, 2008

Terri McMillan's Ex, Jonathan Plummer: from Mr. to ???

If you think author, Terri McMillan was pissed, I wonder how mad is she, now???

(and she couldn't tell this dude WASN'T full of Splenda?? I'm just saying')

Dannnng, Al Jone- errr, Jonathan Plummer (r) looks gay (as in happy) as hell!!
Is that a nose ring he's wearing??
I'm digging the Sr. Prom picture pose these two are throwing to the photographer lol

Ohhhhh, come on already!!
Honey, I know Terri has about 3 best sellers inside of her WAITING to rear their ugly heads!

Doesn't look like Plummer's waiting to exhale!!

These two are just TANGTASTIC!


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And on that note...

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