Sunday, December 14, 2008

Teyana "Google Me, Baby" Taylor, turns 18

"Google Me (baby)" is 18 yrs old

(below, Teyana and mom)

This full-lipped beauty who was once featured on MTV Sweet 16, and a tight little diddy entitled "Google Me (baby)" is now 18.

I just have one question....why is Teyana still famous??

I'm not being facetious...that's a serious question...along the lines of why are the Kardashians famous???

Now I know she's down with the little one from the Neptunes-is that why she's famous??

Nooo that can't be it, cuz she's in Neyo's video the remix of Independent Woman , "I got it."

It's so nice to see her looks has softened up....more femme, less butchy


Whatever, happy bday, chile


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And on that note...

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