Sunday, February 08, 2009

Which Came First? The Woman, The Eggs or the Dr.??

UPDATE: Well, Ms. Nadya 'the young lady who had so many kids she didn't know WHAT to do' Suleman has come out of the closet and is speaking. She's a beautiful yet confused woman who has a serious issue on her hand. Suleman's interview is scheduled to air on The Today Show and Dateline (Monday 10pm, and Tuesday 10pm, respectively). source

This story is becoming stranger and stranger....

The woman who gave birth to octuplets last week in Cali is now idenified as Nadya Suleman...and if what her mother, Angela Suleman, says is true-Nadya is obsessed with having kids, then I'd say (and I'm not a dr., nor do I play one on TV)...Nadya needs help-STAT!! I'm allergic to my TWO children, and can't even IMAGINE adding a dozen more to my clique-but that's just me.

It seems this woman, Nadya who's 33, now has a total of FOURTEEN (14) kids-the other six children range from the ages of 2-7yrs old! WTH?? This girl doesn't have a husband, boyfriend, partner, significant other ...or anything else resembling such in her household. Nadya has had every one of her children via in vitro fertilization!! How can she afford that? Does insurance cover that now? It seems after the first children were born, Nadya had eight eggs left over, and didn't want to waste not a' one! I understand, her not wanting to abort....but wth is she goin to do with 14 children?? Sigh...and why would the Dr go forward with the procedure? seems that Nadya's pretty smart...she's received a degree from California State University in Child and Adolescent Development (and she's going to need it), and as of spring she was pursuing a Master's Degree in Counseling...(hell, I hope she'll practice what she preaches!!). It seems that her fertility Dr., continues to remain incognito...and with good reason!

Well, I know there's a helluva lot more to this story...and we'll be waiting with bated(sp) breath for the details.
All I gotta say is: SHE'S A BETTER WOMAN THAN I'LL EVER BE! read more here

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