Friday, June 19, 2009

No, NO NO...Rihanna's star tattoos are on her BACK not her FACE!!

Can you say, DRAMEDY?! This is funny tragedy if ever I saw one~first let me say...the workmanship of girl's tatts is on point. However...her story stinks to high heaven!! I have four tattoos, with 3 more on the way by the end of the summer. Gf said she FELL ASLEEP during her tattoo procedure and due to a language barrier her request was lost in translation.

Let me tell you this...unless you were in a MEDICALLY INDUCED COMA, there's NO WAY you could sleep thru a needle jabbing your skin along the jawline, going down your neck..YOUR NOSE, YOUR, YOU WON'T FALL ASLEEP GETTING A FACIAL TATTOO. #2, if your tattoo artist doesn't speak the same language as you...WHY WUD U LET HIM TATTOO U?!

Let's call this: "It seemed like a good idea at the time..." until her daddy and bf weren't as enthusiastic with the art as she was. NOW she wants to sue. Granted, young people are impetuous but they should also learn to accept responsibility for the stupid azz decisions they make. This girl looks like a clown. And if I were her dad, I'd make her behind look in the mirror every chance she got as a reminder of how stupid she really was. smdh To quote Madea, "she's dumb as hell, dumb as hell!!" Girl bye!

btw, check out her tattoo artist, here>>

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