Thursday, June 25, 2009

The ♚of Pop has died: Michael Jackson dies of Cardiac Arrest

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop (Jackson 5 fame!), according to news sources, has died at the age of 50. I am in a bit of shock upon hearing this news. I don't want to believe it as many others don't. He was found earlier today unconscious from cardiac arrest and never recovered. Although most of us did not KNOW Michael Jackson-we KNEW him and oftentimes lived vicariously through him. Through his being in a band with his brothers, going on to become the most successful solo artist, Neverland, Bubbles the Monkey, his hyperbaric chamber, plastic surgeries, much copied MOONWALK, crotch grabbing, incognito costumes, surgical masks, scarves, flooding pants,child molestation scandals, examining of his nether regions, wigs, several pigmentation changes, vitiligo, his wives (Lisa Marie, Debbie), his 3 children (dangling his youngest child over a balcony), studded gloves/white socks, Billie Jean (she was NOT his lover!). The list is endless.

I remember as a child when I was a Jehovah's Witness (don't be shocked! lol) and Michael was one too-he came to one of the Jehovah's Witnesses Assemblies (aka conferences for church folk) and he sat 3 rows behind me. Can I tell you, I don't know what the men at the podium were ministering bcuz truly I got a crook in my neck as I stargazed Michael. He winked and waved and I thought I'd pass out. One time when I went door2door (ministering on the street), this guy shouted he wasn't going to get a Watchtower and Awake bcuz we give all of our money to Michael Jackson lol OMG you should've heard my lil smart behind GOING OFF on that man! My daddy had to pull me from the door-I had to be about 9-10yrs of age lol

I hoped the news of his passing wasn't true-but it is. Shortly after learning (about an hour ago), my mind went to Prince (Prince Nelson-not his two kids) and wondered how did he feel about the news?! Isn't that weird?? Anyway...there are not enough words that I can utilize to describe the way I feel. to date, the story was reported but NOT confirmed by CNN

The living legend is no more-but he shall remain in our hearts forever.

Michael Jackson the King of Pop has left us, but he'll never be gone. May you FINALLY, FINALLY get the peace you deserve.
August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009
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