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I am a huge fan of Melvin Jones. Melvin Jones of He keeps it real, tells it like it is, and has SCRIPTURES to back his words. Having said that...I've visited his site today and read his post (always informative), and was disturbed by the "Church" yet again.

After reading Melvin's post I couldn't help but ask...W.D.J.T (What Does Jesus Think?) Brothers and Sisters, below is Melvin's post. Read it for yourself (and shake your head in disgust, dismay, add your own adjective here___________):

Posted by Melvin Jones on September 24th, 2007

Before I start the posting, I would like to dedicate it with a song by our official Hymnist and Mongoose, GaryV. It is sung to the tune of “Amazing Grace.”

Let’s praise the dollar with our voices! Everybody now!!!

Amazing waste, with Dolby Sound

And JumboTron® sized screens,

The marble’s gloss is worth the cost

The sheeple pay the lien.
T’was Jakes that taught poor John to shear

and fleece the wand’ring sheep

How precious did that cash appear

The hour they first deceived Come,

take a Starbucks to your chair

Recline and rest your feet

An ATM is built right in

To print out your receipt
This Sunday we have TD Jakes

Next week it’s Joel Osteen

And if the off’ring lags too much

Steve Munsey’s in the wings
When we’ve been gone a thousand years

And this old world is done

God will appraise Amazing Waste

By fire through His Son Amazing Waste,

they don’t expound

The Word unto the sheep

But you can get fresh bagels there

With jelly or cream cheese.

I made it out to the Mausoleum, Memorial and Museum Dedication and Mutual Admiration Event this past Wednesday. Between John telling us how wonderful T. Dexter is, and T. Dexter telling us how wonderful John Jenkins is, I thought they were going to start their own Big Dog Mutual Admiration Society right then and there. But more on that later.
I made a mistake, by the way.

In one article I said that the building was 120, 000 square feet. According to the Washington Post and the Souvenir Program, the building is actually 205,000 square feet. Here is an excerpt from the Post :

"The multimillion-dollar church building, one of the region’s largest at 205,000 square feet, includes a bookstore and several classrooms. It was designed by HH Architects of Dallas, which specializes in mega-churches." *quotes added by Ivent*

I’ve nattered on enough about the size in a previous post. I won’t revisit that.
I got to the church about 7:05 and the parking lot was already full. I had to park across the street in the little school’s parking lot. By the time I got back to the parking lot later that evening, the school parking lot was full as well.

For now I’ll attribute this to the fact that T. Dexter, the next Billy Graham was speaking.
Coming in the main entrance, one of the first things you see is the bookstore. Given my love of books, and considering the fact that you can tell where a person stands based on the books in his library, I made a beeline for the store. Here’s the fist thing I saw:
(see pic above, left )

Yeah, a great big blow up of John Jenkins and the First Lady. (Sorry about that all you second and third string ladies out there) And here’s the second picture
(see pic above on right)

Right again – it’s a huge blow-up of John. Maybe I could understand them if they were in some way tied to the grand opening. But these items don’t appear to be related to the grand opening at all. There is no reference to the grand opening. So tell me again that this is all about Jesus Christ and Him glorified.
To read this post in it's entirety, go to dated September 24,2007. Bro. Melvin wrote a lengthy and informed post of his visit at this "mausoleum."
Bigger may be better to the world, but big edifices does not give you "go-straight-to-heaven" card. THIS IS NOT MONOPOLY, however these "leaders" are playing games with their lives, and those of God's people.
Only the weak, vulnerable, insecure and lazy (who don't read the bible because is tedious, or a chore) eat the chocolate (strawberry, caramel, add your favorite topping here ______________)-dipped words of these PROPHELYING leaders.
You better recognize, what is God and what isn't. God clearly says if any man lacks wisdom, ASK and it shall be given unto-LIBERALLY (paraphrasing James 1:5). In other words, first you have to ASK God for wisdom, and when he gives it to you, HE GIVE A LOT! What happens if you shake salt liberally on your chicken? When you eat it it's salty. Whom have you heard, after asking God for wisdom, is complaining because they're too wisdom-y?!
You better recognize (yep I said it twice--this is serious) WHO you are, AND WHOSE you are! You do not belong to your pastor...(i don't care how much you say "my pastor said..." "my pastor, my pastor...") YOU beloved, belong to God. The author and finisher of your faith. The one who died on the cross FOR YOUR SINS!
Will your pastor do that for you? Don't answer.
If you are guilty of committing idolatry, i.e., if you believe and follow the pastor regardless of the Bible's wisdom. If you know your pastor has misquoted, given erroneous information, acted unbecoming etc, and you justify the actions-this post is for you.
Repent. Confess your sins and ask God to forgive you and repent (turn away from) with a sincere heart.
I love you, but Christ loves you more-you better recognize.

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