Monday, November 12, 2007

One Nation Under God? Not Yet.

It's Veterans' Day

...I forgot it was a holiday. Since I don't work at the post office, bank or library-I had to show up at work as expected, making it feel like any other work day. But it's not.

There are some Americans who enjoy freedoms such as:

walking down the street without police getting called,

Going to the store without being followed

DWM (Driving While Majority)

Not being accused of false crimes, or falsely imprisoned

Not tried in courts around the country unfairly

Noose-free working, educational environments

No red-lining, insurance gouging...well,you get my drift.

For the rest of us--we survive.

In honor of the men and women, who gave, given or are giving their lives for U.S.A. via the U.S. military

we say "Thank You for your sacrice."

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