Saturday, January 05, 2008

UPDATE: Man Beat Down HIS GF'S 2y/o baby! Didn't I Say It Was His GF's kid?!!!

UPDATE 3: This story has caused many people to become angry. I've went back to view this hard-2-watch video and this time focused on the commentary. This 19 m/o baby boy was:
  • choked
  • kicked
  • stomped
  • stepped on his hand AND FOOT
  • hand was ground in by perp's shoe
  • yanked
  • pulled
  • whooped
  • pushed
  • hit in the face with cooler door
  • left behind to catch up with the punk.
-there was more that could not be aired on TV. The abuse went on for almost 5 minutes, and he only let up-when store patrons came near.
Well, thank God for the store owner who turned over the video.
~~I BETTER NOT find out mama knew about this. I've already fwd this story to Parents Behaving Badly It's time to put this story on blast for real!~~

Time out for games, it's 2008! Don't talk about it, BE about it!
The blue ribbon is the international symbol of child abuse prevention...for more info please go to Prevent Child Abuse


Give his behind 3 "hots" and a "cot!"
Punk who beat down 2 y/o , found & arrested!
Detroit police said they've arrested a man in connection with the beating of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son that was captured on a convenience store surveillance tape.Police spokesman James Tate said the 27-year-old was arrested Friday night at a relative's home after viewers saw his photo on televised news reports. Police had released the tape to help capture him.Tate said the man, whose name wasn't released, could be arraigned as early as Sunday.

The video from Dec. 21 showed a man hitting, kicking and stepping on a child over a four-minute span. He also is seen hitting the child with a cooler door and pauses when other customers walk nearby.Tate said investigators were assured by the boy's relatives that the child was OK.


***UPDATE #1***
Way To Go Detroit Citizens and Detroit Police!!

Suspect ARRESTED* for Toddler Beating

Police have arrested the man they say beat a toddler and was caught in the act by a store surveillance camera. The man was arrested Saturday morning on Detroit's west side after police received several tips. In this video report, FOX 2's Andrea Isom shows you what happened to the boy at a party store. Watch The video

GOD, is most certainly AWESOME!!
*emphasis by Ivent

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