Friday, April 04, 2008

WWMT? (What Would Martin Think?)

Dream...or Nightmare?

40 years ago on this of the greatest civil rights leaders of our time was assassinated.
MLK, Jr. was on the balcony in Memphis, TN minding his own biz (unlike so many of us) when a bullet rang out forever silencing him.
Although we know MLK had a dream, his assassination destroyed the dreams of many.

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Having said that...I'm lead to ask: "WWMT (What Would Martin Think) of the state of Black America if he was with us today?"

What would MLK think of the blood, sweat and tears he and other concerned Americans utilized to effect change, only to see:
  • Children being raised by grandparents (or raising themselves) bcuz parents refuse to assume headship.
  • When angry, solve the problem by shooting-with intention to kill.
  • The growing number of black youth being charged with adult crimes and incarcerated as an adult.
  • "Pimping the System" (SSI, SSD, Welfare, Workers Comp etc) so as to avoid working in the traditional capacity.
  • When injustice is upon us-accept it, not change it.
  • Males (young and old) emulating prison homosexuality by sagging their pants, as if that dress code is a badge of honor.
  • Accepting redlining (illegal inflated pricing) in the areas of insurance, and housing.
  • Youth who have no respect for authority, elders or themselves.
  • The media that was created by black people, for black people-has now become the weapon to hurt, kill and malign the spirit of black people. We are portrayed as buffoons, Step and Fetch it, idiots, sexist pigs, black whores, pimpin' preachers, classless and tasteless.
Martin...if you were here, WHAT WOULD YOU THINK????

You know what I think?
I think had that bullet not ended your life sir, living to see the downward spiral of your people surely would have.
I'm glad you're not here to see this mess.
While there is always hope, one must wade through the muck and mire of idiocy and hopelessness in order to find it.
But if you're hopeful, it's worth enduring.
We know what Martin have done...What will YOU DO??

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