Saturday, July 26, 2008

Randy Pausch Showed People How to LIVE while DYING...

Ray Pausch died yesterday of pancreatic cancer.
I had only recently heard about this awesome man thru my co-worker.
Randy was an accomplished computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who lead an adventurous life that most of us only dream about.

Randy was a person who continually challenged himself and lived the adage, 'don't talk about it, BE ABOUT IT.


Randy Pausch emphasized the joy of life in his "last lecture," originally given in September 2007.

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I admire Randy bcuz:
  • he did not complain when given the news of his terminal disease.
  • Nor did he question, why him?
  • He made the most of what little time he had left for the benefit of others, not himself.
  • And believed wholeheartedly in 'each one, reach one, and teach one.'
Although many people don't like Wikipedia, there is an informative write-up on Pausch for those who are not familiar with him and his work.
Check out his Pausch's write-up.
With almost 4 MILLION hits on Youtube, Prof. Pausch's 'last lecture' is one of the most watch on the internet.
The speech is 1.25hrs in length, but it's well worth it.

Pop some 'corn, pull up a seat, and watch as Pausch inspires you to live YOUR DREAMS!

R.I.P. Professor Pausch

And on that note...

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