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Timbaland Acts A Monkeydoodledandy Fool At His Own Party---This is The Best Black History Month in Black History Month's History!!

Timbaland Acted Like He's Sufferin' From Roid Rage @ his own party!

People's all-star, pre-Grammy concert with Timbaland ended with a resounding crash this morning (Feb. 9), when the producer/rapper delivered a foul-mouthed tirade against the magazine because some of his friends were apparently left outside the venue.

With a blinged-out cross dangling from his neck, a sweaty Timbaland addressed the crowd at Los Angeles' Avalon Club just after finishing a high energy set with longtime muse Missy Elliott, capping a night of performances from acts such as Chris Cornell, Grammy-nominated band Paramore and OneRepublic in front of a crowd that included Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Ludacris.

"Next time I have one of my homeboys in line, let that (expletive) in!" Timbaland shouted as the event winded down after 2 a.m., adding that he was a "peoples person." "I don't like to see my people turned around for some (expletive) magazine ... (expletive) y'all!"

After his tirade ended, he walked off stage with music blasting. The party was effectively over.

A source close to Timbaland who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation said the entertainer had been frustrated at what was described as security and production mishaps, and said he didn't mean to lash out at the magazine.

People magazine didn't have an official comment but a source close to the celebrity weekly said they were perplexed as to why Timbaland was upset and that they had considered the event a success. The magazine co-sponsored the party with Verizon Wireless to celebrate Timbaland's deal with the carrier to create a mobile album and content for the network.

Before that, the night was a sea of booze, glitz and lighter vibes, with Elliott wearing a black sweat shirt with "CHING A LING" spelled out in glittering gold letters on the front and a bright gold "MS" ring on her hand.

Elliott led the crowd in singing happy birthday to Timbaland, whose real birthday is in March. Hard-stomping dancers surrounded them. Elliott even joked, "Leave Britney alone! I like Britney," when the DJ started in with a clip of one of Spears' songs while Elliott performed.

Timbaland's discontent, however, could be seen earlier in the evening. As a shaggy-haired Chris Cornell, backed by a full band, rocked out some old hits and a new song in a 1:30 a.m. set, Timbaland stood at the side of the stage with a scowl on his face. But he only had a glowing intro for Cornell, whose upcoming solo album he produced, saying it was "the best" work he had ever done.

Right before he delivered his rant, he threatened to outdo Kanye West, known for his outbursts.

A bevy of other stars, including Jordin Sparks,, Fergie and Mario Lopez, flocked to the party, where attendees guzzled beer and vodka and feasted on tiramisu cups and mini burgers in the darkly lit club.

"Hannah Montana" teen phenom Miley Cyrus danced barefoot in front of the stage surrounded by a group of friends.

What can you say? It's his party so he can tantrum if he wants to?? smh
I like how the article pointed out, he wore a blinged out cross, lol!
It was not a blinged out cross-it was a blinged out lower case "t", in "t-imbaland" lol.

Just bcuz someone wears a cross (or what appears to be a cross) doesn't mean they're Christian. Many celebrities wear it cuz it's faddish-their boys (girls) are rockin' a cross, so they do too. How many of these rascals have degrading music, but when they win an award they thank God?? The only god who blesses a mind to churn out that trash is the devil himself. The only man who I'd think is qualified to have hissy fits (who's gone stop him) is Lil' Richard, but between Kanye & Timbaland, Lil Richard may not be able to hold onto his title as "Hissy Fit Queen" for much longer. Sorry Richard--you may have to pass the pancake make up to Kanye or Timba.

Now the question of the day is:
WHY WAS HANNAH MONTANA W/OUT A BANDANA OR A BANANA aka Miley Cyrus bka Achy Breaky heart Billy Ray's daughter doing at a doggone Timbaland party?!
This kid has already had pics of herself online in her draws (panties) and now she's hanging out BAREFOOT (future Brit-Brit??) at a Timba party? what kind of frackaknackle bullcrap is that?
Now I'm going to keep it real, ok? I am a proud black woman who has 2-stepped and country line danced to Billy Ray's music. Additionally, besides his gorgeous looks- back in the day (his current Keith Urban & botox makeover leaves a lot to be desired with this sista...JUST SAY NOT 2 BOTOX, Billy Ray!), I liked that I had not heard anything scandalous about Billy Ray. He withstood criticism regarding that mullet of his (honestly, I think he's the only who can get away with said hairstyle), and then he rode off into the sunset quietly.
Having said that-I'm not sure why he's ok with his baby girl being around grown people in this type of atmosphere. Everyone knows where there are celebrities are E pills, 'caine and whateva new designer drugs that are avail only to celebrities.
Heck the celebrities are even being accused of don't want Hannah, I mean Miley around that 'roid you? Better yet-WHERE'S MILEY'S MOM?!

This girl is being set up to end up like 'half-a mind' "British-American" Britney Spears, if someone doesn't put a stop to this Tom (Cruise) foolery... watch.
Lolo Lohan's mama, aka The White Oprah allowed her child the same opportunities and look at her now. She's a hotmess.
Being in this business as a child- the kid is forced to mature sooner.
However, maturity is NOT the equivalent of grown.
Wake up Billy Ray and Mama Cyrus.
If Miley turns out to be a mess...I'm going to town on you two's behind on my blog-that's a promise.

To Timbaland,
Hissy fits are never, ever cute esp when it originates from a muscular, testosterone pumping MAN.
Excuse me??
As soon as you found out your boy was outside, you should've walked to the doggone door and brought his narrow behind in. I know you have a sidekick, or a blackberry and i know your boy blew it up.
Don't act brand new.

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